1. Reblog if you’re thinking of coming out to one of these shows.

    5/3 Ottawa ON @ Mavericks

    5/4 Kingston ON @ Time To Laugh
    5/6 Gatineau QC @ Heart Fest
    5/8 New Market ON @ The Royal Canadian Legion
    5/9 Windsor ON @ The Dominion House
    5/10 London ON @ Music Hall Lounge
    5/11 Toronto ON @ Sneeky Dee’s
    5/12 Kitchener ON @ Club Wax
    5/13 St Catharines ON @ Level 3
    5/17 Thunder Bay ON @ Black Pirates
    5/19 Regina Sk @ The Distrikt
    5/20 Saskatoon SK @ Walkers
    5/23 Edmonton AB @ Avenue Theater
    5/24 Calgary AB @ SAIT
    5/26 Vancouver BC @ Tom Lee Music Hall
    5/27 Victoria BC @ Big Fernwood

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    Toronto or St. Cats!
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    Hell fuckin ya I...
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    Deffinatly will be at the Calgary date! Considering going to Edmonton as well… Syd, you down for a road trip? haha
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    100% I will be at the Edmonton show!
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    fucking bring this to the US good god i wanna go so badly :(
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    London AND St. Catharines! Oh fuck yeah!
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    YESSSSS i’ll be hittin’ up that windsor show! (‘:
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    Why cant I live in Canada?.. :’((
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